The Story:

There is a Story residing inside of the Storyworld that is architecting our physical world reality.
Storyspinners can enter into the Storyworld to change the Story to create a better tomorrow.
YOU are a Storyspinner.

The Storyspinner Quest: Write the World

Storyworld is comprised of 12 StoryLands, each with their own story landscape, characters and seasons that correspond to the ordinary world calendar. Storyspinners are sent on a quest looking for the 12 Artifacts that will help them change the Story. Each month complete 30 Storyspinner tasks to write the new story and write the world.

The Storyworld

There is an invisible world right beside you. This is where 97% of your life is created and lived. Ancient mystics and modern scientists have hinted at this creative energy, but few have been able to consciously travel into the realms of this world and change the future. The future of your health, your relationships, your education, your possessions all come from this extraordinary place.

It is the world of Story and the Story can be changed.

Storyworld is a storytelling game to enter the invisible realms as a Storyspinner and change the story of your life and your world. Enter into the Storyworld to make real the energies of your most inspired dreams. Here you and your fellow Storyspinners will create health and wealth, not just for yourself, but for us all.

Begin by picking up your backpack at the Crossroads. Inside you’ll find your passport, the first Storyworld artifact to begin your adventure. As you journey out into the Storyworld you’ll find many other artifacts and meet the guides and guardians of the 12 Storylands. Collect the 12 primary artifacts and discover each land’s treasure. Stay alert and present in the moment so you receive all the guidance and support that is coming your way so you can write the story that changes the world for us all.

Your adventure has begun