So people have asked me why a Storyworld? And why is it secret? And I say: We have our material Visible World. Filled with the people, places, and things we love. a beautiful world of the senses.

And then there is this Invisible World that surrounds us that we can’t see. It is filled with inspired ideas, thoughts, and emotions, even love. We can’t see any of these things, and yet they are the invisible sea in which we swim.

A sea of stories that become beliefs

And these invisible ideas, thoughts, and feelings swirl around us and coalesce into stories. These stories of our ideas, thoughts, and feelings start to solidify into a belief.

A belief about who we are, where we are, and what all this is about.

These believed stories begin to direct our actions and interactions. We find ourselves saying these stories out loud and acting them out in our lives.

These stories decide just how much inspiration, learning, happiness, love, health, creativity, prosperity, fun, and belonging we have in our lives.

They are that important.

We live inside a story

So here is the thing we can do. We can recognize that we live inside of a story. And we can make sure that it is the story we want to tell.

We are making this up. Together. And we can tell a story that inspires us.

  • We can tell a story that helps us to learn and grow.
  • We can tell a story that makes us feel happy.
  • We can tell a story of love.
  • We can tell a story of empowerment.
  • We can tell a story that makes a more beautiful world.

This is the Storyworld. It’s secret because we have decided to not see it. We pretend it doesn’t exist. And yet it does. It is the world of our spirit, mind, emotion, and love. It informs and forms our physical world reality.

Let’s tell the best story possible and write the world.