🚩Start at the Crossroads.
🔥Finish at the Campfire.

Focusing Morning calls and Sweet Dream e-owls

Develop a creative morning routine, organize your day, and reach your goals. Every weekday morning, we enter the Secret Storyworld with the Time Travel Chicken. We check-in to:

📕 Set our goals for the day.

⚡ Meditate together.

🏴‍☠️ Set sail for a 45 cohort cruise on the Pirate Ship to work on our creative doings. 

At the end of each day, your guide checks in to see how the day went. The Campfire Chicken provides accountability and support to celebrate your success.

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Monthly Chickens

Join us for daily 15-minute Morning calls (Monday – Friday).You have a few options to choose from:

Call Availability

6:00 AM Hawaii Time (9:00 AM Pacific )
7:00 AM Hawaii Time (10:00 AM Pacific )
8:00 AM Hawaii Time (11:00 AM Pacific )
9:00 AM Hawaii Time (12.00 PM Pacific )

Bonus: Complimentary Access to Community Sessions!

What is a community session? It’s a 90-minute virtual co-working session that we host three times a week. It’s an amazing way to set aside time for writing, deep work, and hitting the goals that you set for yourself in the morning! Normally priced at $10.00 per session, but you will get complimentary access as a member.

Purchase today to start on

Monday, May 23rd, 2022.

If you’d like to start on a later week, just let us know via email once you’ve put in your order.

Plan Details

Your weekly plan will give you access to wake-up calls every weekday morning, setting you up for success for the whole week. Once you purchase the plan, you’ll receive a welcome email from us, as well as a calendar invite.

The plan automatically renews after one week (unless you specify otherwise), and you will be charged $29.00.

You can cancel or pause at any point by sending us an email at ???? email.

How it works

Make a game plan

Join the focused wake-up call every weekday morning to set goals for the day, schedule in time to work toward them, and close out with a brief meditation. Start every day with friendly faces, clarity, and mindfulness.

Do the work

Leave each call with clear goals and a concrete plan for how to accomplish them. You will dive deeply into your work throughout the day, with a sense of ease knowing that you have set aside time for your most important work.

Reflect and repeat

Celebrate your progress with your host at the end of every day, via email. You will reflect on your accomplishments, what you learned that day, and wrap up feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished that day.

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Though this is a group call, everything is introvert friendly. ❤️

Why should I try this?

Here are reasons why our current clients attend focused wake-up calls:

• to accomplish more, be more focused and efficient with my time,

• to add structure to my day,

• to be the most productive I can, without feeling overwhelmed,

• to get started working earlier in the day,

• to have consistency in when I wake up, and

• to have intention behind the time I am spending alive so I can see my full potential.

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Is this for me?

Our clients are creative, busy people. Their calendars are full of meetings, with periods of time for deep work. They have a hard time protecting that time. Sometimes they struggle to set aside time to do the important work versus the urgent. They know what it takes to succeed. They just need a little structure and support to get there.

If this sounds like you, the focused wake-up calls can help you get more done in a day, become more organized, and feel a lot calmer and less overwhelmed.

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Each call is a group video call on Google Meet that last for 15 minutes. In each call, you set SMART goals for the day, block time on your calendar for your goals, and be guided through a meditation. Most of the call is each person working individually on their plan for the day. The host will guide you through each step, and also share different strategies around productivity, eliminating procrastination, reducing stress, goal-setting, mindfulness, and related topics. 

Yes! Let us know which time you would like as your primary call and we will also give you access to the other calls for the days when you can’t make your original time. This is at no extra cost!

Yes! Each check-in email is written with you and your goals in mind. Over time, you will build a relationship with your host as you reflect together day-after-day and week-after-week.

Your host will keep the check-in email short and light, so that it’s easy to reply to, but it is always custom-designed for you!

Great. We love questions! Please email us at hello@focused.space and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.