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1)📜 writing
2) 📕 goal setting
3) habit formation



The Reader

Read the World

Unlimited reading + Time Travel Chicken!

$5 / month

Discounts if you pay annually.

As a Reader, you get:

✍️ Unlimited Pirate Chickens & Reading Access. 

Join up to 5 Pirate Chicken Hours each week.

🎯 Monthly Goal Setting Workshops & Tracker for a creative month of reading.

📣 Unlimited Reading. Read thousands of Secret Book Stories and Journals

☕️ 10%-off the Secret Bookshop. Books and gear for Storyspinners.


The Writer

Daily Storygame Play+ Weekly Classes

Read + Write the World

$10 / month

Discounts if you pay annually.

Get everything in Reader, plus:

❤️ Secret Book Desktop. Connect with fellow writers all over the globe and build creative friendships. Check out our Member Portal

🎙 LIVE Classes each week with Muse Monday, Wizard Wednesday, Fortune Teller Friday.

☕️ 24-Hour Virtual Realm. Write or mingle with your fellow Storyspinner in our themed Zoom room!

🛖 24-Hour Virtual Writing Cabin. Get deep work done with minimal talking with your fellow writers in the Cabin.

✍️ Special Interest Writing Groups. Access community groups like Historical Fiction, Podcasting,  Blogging, NaNoWriMo & more.

📝 Open Mic & Poetry Slam. Practice sharing your work and get feedback in a safe, friendly and encouraging setting.


The Creator

Accountability + Support

For writers looking to become Game Masters.

$50 / month

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Creator level is application only.

Apply now for our Fall 2022 cohort.

Get everything in Writer, plus:

✅ Weekly Accountability & Unblocking Check-Ins. Each Monday & Friday check-in with your fellow Creators and coaches to get unblocked and stay on track.

🗓 Weekly Writing Tracker. Set your goals and track your progress week by week.

🎁 Monthly Creator Kits. 


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FREE witchy lessons and gatherings
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Witch Camp?

This re-envisioned Witch Camp is a FREE year round gathering place for wise and witchy souls… or those who are ready to find their way to wise and witchy!

Each equinox and solstice, you’ll receive a new Witch Camp lesson. Plus there will be links to Witch Camp merch (cause everybody wants a Witch Camp t-shirt!) and, each season, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to a live recording of Maybe Magic where you can ask your favorite authors questions about their witchy ways. Your lesson page will be updated with fresh rituals and reflections, as well as a new study guide, each quarter.

Join me to flow through the seasons, celebrate the magic, and awaken your inner-witch!



Seasonal Lessons & Gatherings


Quarterly lessons with a private place for self-reflection.

A Witchy Basics Booklet to begin your journey.

Rituals to support your Witch Camp lessons.

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Find treasure at Treasure Bazaar

Quest through the Mines, Marketplace and Caves of the Treasure Bazaar. Make, move and multiply your Treasures this November.

Your Storyspinner Mission? Fill up and share your Treasure Bazaar in your Book of Secrets.

Count your Treasure!


Go Gnome for a Happy Holiday

You have a Gnome in your Home! Gnomes are in charge of home and hearth. Care for your Gnome and your Gnome will care for you.

Your Storyspinner Mission? To record your Gnomekeeping adventures in your Secret Book.

Go Gnome!



Enjoy the Magic!

Earth & Sky

Listen to the language of Earth & Sky so you can sink deep into natural rhythms, remember the hidden patterns of the universe, and find your own flow.


Learn tools to enhance your intuition (or discover it if you haven’t already!) so that you can make decisions quickly and comfortably.


Feel whole again knowing you are within a community of like-minded friends experimenting and practicing in synchronicity.

Medicine Kingdoms

Delve into the 3 Medicine Kingdoms—animal, vegetable, mineral—so you can find your own healing.

Sacred Space

Use your Witch Camp time to create your own sacred space so you can clear and cleanse your energy and focus your intentions.

Book of Self

Craft your own Book of Self, ’cause, news-flash: you can’t buy it on Amazon! Gather ideas for a recipe book for your psyche.


Become a Care of Creature Keeper

Discover the lairs of the Lunar Animals and the Power Pets in the Root Dens, Trunk Hollows and Branch Nests of the Gateway Tree. Each Creature brings a Loving Kindness (LK) Power to share.

Your Storyspinner Mission? Practice 30 days of Kindness. Write about your LK Adventures in your Book of Secrets.

Be Kind!


Wizardopolis School of Wizardry

Get your Muse to the Marketplace

Set sail on the Sea of Creativity to get your Muse (creative project, service or business) to the Marketplace this September.

Your Storyspinner Mission? To record your mythic creation adventures in your Book of Secrets.

Set Sail!


Frightful Fun at the Monster Ball

Your Monster Band is needed to perform at October’s Monster Ball, the most Monstrous event of the Monster year.

Your Storyspinner Mission? Write about how you find, tame and get your Monsters to the Ball.

Have a Ball!


Find treasure at Treasure Bazaar

Quest through the Mines, Marketplace and Caves of the Treasure Bazaar. Make, move and multiply your Treasures this November.

Your Storyspinner Mission? Fill up and share your Treasure Bazaar in your Book of Secrets.

Count your Treasure!


Attend the Faery Godmother Tea

Help the Faery Godmother Traveling Tea Party get ready by gathering the 9 Flowers and Herbs from the Tea Faeries in time for the Summer Solstice.

Your Storyspinner Mission? Enter the Tea Faery Garden to learn the secrets of Charmspeak Tea in your Book of Secrets.

Enter the Tea Garden


Power Up with the Superheroes

You’ve been invited to train with the Superheroes this July. Get Superhero fit with the Five Power Ups at the 5 Power Stations.

Your Storyspinner Mission? Use your Book of Secrets to Power Up at Superhero Bootcamp.

Power Up!


Sleep Under the Stars 30 Days of Outside Challenge Begins July 31

Get outside at the Campfire Forest

Quest through the Fairytale Theater to find the hidden objects from your favorite Fairy Tales and get ready to put on a show this May!

Your Storyspinner Mission? Get this Fairytale ready for Opening Night in your Book of Secrets

Get Outside